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From Our Listeners


Every day you hear a KHNS program host mention the names of local businesses and thank them for their support of local radio. Besides broadcasting their brief announcement several times a week, we even offer a discount to nonprofits.

Why Contribute?

  • Associate your business name with programming that reaches virtually every resident in Haines, Skagway, Klukwan and the greater broadcasting region.
  • Inform the public about new or ongoing services.
  • Target your market niche.
  • Promote  name familiarity for your business, product, or service
  • Link your business with national and international programming.
  • KHNS is the go-to place on your radio dial for up-to- the minute news, weather and marine forecasts.

Frequently Asked Question:

How is Underwriting different than Advertising?

The FCC's original vision of non-commercial broadcasting called for a service totally divorced from commercial enterprise. This was to keep public broadcasting from being unduly influenced by the commercial marketplace while continuing to expand public service options, programming choices and First Ammendment right of public stations.

In order to encourage support for the non-commercial station but also protect it, the FCC opted to allow value -neutral descriptive material as part of donor announcements. These are called underwriting announcements and must abide by the criteria set out by the FCC or face strict penalties.

Advertising is considered a promotional announcement that is descriptive, qualitative and contains a direct call to action with regard to the product or organization.


If you'd like to hear your  local business or organization on air, please call our Development Director, Leslie Ross at 766-2020 or email


Many members of our local business community support KHNS.  We hope that you'll make a point of letting them know how much you appreciate their support of local radio.

Full List of KHNS Business Underwriters

» Download our Underwriting Policy (pdf)