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From Our Listeners

Tuesday Night Special

  • Tuesday 10-11pm

Tuesday, May 28th: "The Rite of Spring: The 100 Year Shock Wave"

Tuesday, May 21st: "Hidden Kitchens: the Raw and the Cooked", the Kitchen Sisters

Tuesday, May 7th: "Mapping Eliza: Decoding DNA Secrets", Spectrum Magazine

Tuesday, April 23rd: "Traveling the Earth Gently", from Liner Notes

Tuesday, April 16th: "Poetry As a Way of Knowing", from Philosophy Talk

Tuesday, April 9th: "Holocaust Voices", from WHRV

An open slot reserved for timely and topical special programming, honoring months of observances, holidays, births and deaths, with a special emphasis on the classics in literature, art and music. Specials aired have included the LA Theatre Works presentation of Pride and Prejudice; "The Ring and I" from WNYC, an exciting look at Wagner's Ring Cycle; Hearing Voice's "Native America" special; and many more!


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