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  • Jennifer Robinson, you have a UPS package at the airport. Please call 766-2030 for more...

  • Randall McDonald call 766-2030 for a package

  • A male, unneutered black dog with short legs was found in Haines. He’s medium-sized and has a...

Shrink Rap Archive

Two Parents- Two Perspectives_ February 7, 2011

" Two parents - two perspectives about their teenager's grade - how to keep "context" in mind during conflict."

Helping Your Child With Adult Communication_January 31,2011

"Helping your child with their feelings about another adult" - Reflecting and modeling mentalizing.

Stuck in Town_January 24,2011

" Stuck in town" - the value of vacation, whether you leave town or not. Strategies for healthy "breaks".

New Years Resolutions January 17, 2011

New Years Resolutions: What it means to work toward change, difficulties and how to stay on track

Coping with Alcoholism in the Family January 10, 2011

Coping with Alcoholism in the Family : Avoidance and more direct reactions

Holidays December 20,2010

Coping with the Holidays.

Doctor-Patient December 6,2010

Doctor and patient relationships in a small town.

Jealousy_November 28,2010

How we react and how we handle it

Family Conflicts_November 22,2010

Relational conflicts in a small town.

Teenagers and Budgets_November 15,2010

How parental reactions can make or break good spending habits

Feeling like a looser_October 18,2010

How parental reactions can make or break good spending habits

Power Struggle_October 11,2010

Power struggles, how they develop and how to avoid them.

Parents Communication_October 04,2010

Parent Communication: effective and ineffective ways to deal with stress in a family

Phantom Intentions_September 27,2010

Projection pitfalls and how to get beyond them

Love_August 9, 2010

Love... the influence upon the body and mind.

Positive Emotional Responses_July 26, 2010

- Applying Positive Emotional Responses in challenging situations, a beginning discussion.

Dealing With Depression_July 19, 2010

Dealing With Depression - focusing upon how we can move from depressive states.

Deconstructing Depression_July 12, 2010

Deconstructing Depression - a beginning discussion about what is depression and how can we move beyond it.

Unresolved Trauma_June 28, 2010

Unresolved Trauma Preoccupation with unresolved trauma, loss and abuse, what it leads to, how we can deal with it.

Attachments_June 21, 2010

Attachment - how do we develop "attachments" in relationships.

Attunement_June 14, 2010

Attunement - Robin discusses the foundation of security and well being; attunement.

Presence_June 7, 2010

Presence - What it means to be "present" and how do we get there.

Mentalization_May 24, 2010

Robin defines Mentalization and discusses the benefits and pitfalls of the process