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From Our Listeners

  • Dan Henry, please call the Ramseys at 766-3697.

  • A listener is driving to the lower 48 on Sunday, August 3, after the Fair. She has room for up...

  • Haines pep band members—The marching band will play Louey Louey at the parade on Saturday....

Local News 1-23-12

Broadcaster: Tara Bicknell
Haines Borough holds first public hearing on heli-ski coordinates going confidential. Hearing from Representative Thomas and Senator Kookesh on the legislative session (Schoenfeld). A repeat win in the Alcan 200 snow machine race, and honoring one of the race founders. (Hear founder Leo Smith's full story of the first Alcan at the end of the news cast.)

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Jarrid Davy with his trophy collection (T. Bicknell photo)
Jarrid Davy with his trophy collection (T. Bicknell photo)

Start of the Alcan 200 Snowmachine Race (T. Bicknell photo)

Bundling and taping up for the weather (T. Bicknell photo)

Turnaround point at Dezadeash Lake (T. Bicknell photo)