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From Our Listeners

Listener Commentary

KHNS welcomes the submission of responsible commentaries from our listeners. A print copy of all commentaries must be provided for pre-approval by the station, and the piece must be recorded in the commentator's own voice with name identification at the beginning and the end. Commentaries can be no more than three minutes in length, and must comply with FCC regulations and generally accepted community standards of good taste. If you have a personal point of view to express on your community radio station, you can download the attachment below, come by the studio or call us at 766-2020 or 983-2853 for a copy of the KHNS Commentary Guidelines listed below.



KHNS Guidelines for Listener Commentaries – What do you Think?

Revised December 2012


KHNS Commentary is an opportunity for residents to express an opinion on an issue, idea or subject they feel strongly about.  It is part of the station’s general mission to inform, entertain and educate but more specifically, this is when a resident, speaking from the heart and in the first person, can express strong feelings on an issue. You can advocate for a way of life, argue the value of an idea or simply wax philosophical on something that strikes your fancy. It can be whimsical or dead serious as long as it addresses “here’s what I think and why I want to tell you about this”.


If you are interested in promoting a specific event, cause or organization the Listener Commentary may not be the best mechanism at KHNS for you. Please contact us about Public Service Announcements or Enhanced Public Service Announcements for these types of subjects.


KHNS neither endorses nor condemns the viewpoints expressed by our listeners, but we reserve the right to refuse to air commentaries we feel do not meet the burden of civil discourse as determined by community standards and station management. We also reserve the right to edit and to request re-recording to meet our broadcast standard.


Below are some additional guidelines for the process:


·       Commentaries must be no more than 3 minutes in length but may be shorter.

·       Commentaries will be aired twice three times, adjacent to but not within the news broadcast.

·       Print copy must be provided in advance of approval for airing

·       Submitted recorded commentaries should be in the commentator’s own voice, identified by name at the beginning and at the end.

·       Commentaries may not be used to support or oppose a person running for public office

·       Commentaries will not be accepted by current candidates for public office.

·       All commentaries are bound to comply with all pertinent FCC regulations.

·       No commentaries will air on Federal, State or Municipal Election Days or the day prior.


The following disclaimers will be run before and after the commentary:

Before: “The following is a listener commentary and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Lynn Canal Broadcasting, the Board of Directors or Staff”.


After: “The preceding remarks are the personal view of the commentator and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Lynn Canal Broadcasting, The Board of Directors or Staff. KHNS welcomes the submission of responsible commentaries by our listeners. Please come by the studio, call us at 983-2853 or 766- 2020 or go online for a copy of the commentary guidelines at khns.org under Community.


KHNS Listener Commentary Guidelines, 2013.doc34.5 KB

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