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Fish and Game butts in to protect the goats

Southeast Alaska News - Fri, 2013-12-27 16:52

Phil Mooney holds a sedated, radio collared mountain goat. He will give the goat an injection to reverse the tranquilizing drug. It takes 5-7 minutes for the goat to wake up and walk away, no worse for wear. (photo by Kevin White/Juneau goat researcher)

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced an emergency closure for mountain goat hunting in the North Fork Katlian River area in Sitka. Biologists have set a maximum guideline harvest objective of four male mountain goats, or one female mountain goat for the area. On Tuesday (12-24-13) that guideline harvest was met – two male goats and one nanny was harvested.

The harvest guidelines are based on elaborate research that starts with radio collaring dozens of goats on Baranof island. From the vantage point of a Temsco helicopter, Phil Mooney, along with Juneau goat researcher Kevin White scour the mountaintops for goats. When they find one the goat is darted and sedated. Then they take body measurements, blood and tissue samples, photographs, and install a GPS radio collar. Within an hour the sedative is reversed and the goat is back on its feet completely unharmed.  Mooney says, “the information collected from the collars so far has greatly expanded our understanding of goats on Baranof.”

Weather impacts some Southeast cell phone service

Southeast Alaska News - Fri, 2013-12-27 16:40

Customers with AT&T cell phone service in Southeast Alaska have reported intermittent problems receiving and making phone calls this week.

A spokesman with AT&T says the problems of no service or degraded service are caused by dense fog, rain and icy conditions affecting the company’s microwave equipment in the region. AT&T’s Andy Colley said Friday afternoon in an email that technicians have reached the affected equipment and are working to resolve the issue. AT&T apologizes for the inconvenience.

The outages are impacting some cell phone customers around Ketchikan, Petersburg and Juneau.

City Parks Plan Could Rebuild Mulcahy Stadium

Alaska and Yukon Headlines - Fri, 2013-12-27 16:15

Anchorage’s venerable Mulcahy Stadium, which turns fifty years old next year, may be torn down to make way for parking lot expansion at the Chester Creek Sports Complex. That’s the plan proposed by the muni’s Parks and Recreation department, according to John Rodda, department director.

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Rodda says, originally, new parking lots were planned at the site of the two grass ballfields West of Mulcahy, but that plan posed traffic problems. He said, within the past year, another idea hatched

“And then a new group of us got together and came up with the idea, that , you know ‘why should we have disjointed parking- that just complicates things even further – puts people further away from the venues. Why don’t we do this in a holistic sense, with all of the parking being centralized, so you’ve got access to Sullivan, Ben Boeke, the Anchorage football park and Mulcahyy all in one general area. “


The new plan moves Mulcahy to the site of the two ballfields, and uses the old stadium site for a new parking lot. Rodda says the move will open up about 400 new parking spaces. But Rodda says, the new stadium will have many advantages

“We tried to incorporate and  include elements that were beyond, I would say, the traditional ball park, because this new facility should enhance and should invite other public uses. We could use it for a farmers’ market, or a car show, or other event stageing. Special events, corporate picnics. There’s all kinds of elements that we are trying to make this park freindly for, and yet take care of the parking problem. “

Parks and Rec approved the plan in November, and a design by the architectural firm USKH is nearing completion. Rodda says stakeholders in the plan have been notified, although the project has not been widely publicized.

Under the proposal, the current Mulcahy will be torn down and a new stadium built about one block away. The new stadium will be a bit smaller than the current 3500 seat stadium. The new one will have one thousand grandstand seats and fifteen hundred “informal” seats.

“I’ll call it more casual seating, because we’re using artificial turf. We’re actually sloping it, and almost to give it a feel of sitting out on a grassed area, and actually watching the game, I’ll call it, from the cheap seats. And people will actually be able to expand along both lines [of the baseball field] and actually have additional seating down there.”

Rodda says the plan has the backing of the city administration.

Rodda says the city has close to four million dollars in legislative grants earmarked for parking expansion at the Chester Creek Complex, and will request more than twelve million dollars from the legislature for the stadium rebuild. He says the balance is expected to come from sponsorships.

Mulcahy is used by the Anchorage Bucs and the Glacier Pilots summer college baseball teams.

If the plan is approved by city planners and gets the green light from the Anchorage Municipal Assembly, construction could begin in 2015.

U.N. Refuge Prepares For Possible Attack In South Sudan

NPR News - Fri, 2013-12-27 15:49

The government says the former vice president is mobilizing an army of youth to seize key cities in the newly independent nation. The United Nations is not sure it can protect the thousands of people staying at its compound who have been displaced by recent ethnic fighting.

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Facebook Feed - Fri, 2013-12-27 15:42

Appeals court reinstates overfishing charges against Kookesh, two others
In 2009, Kookesh, a Democrat, and the other men were fishing for sockeye salmon at Kanalku Bay near his hometown of Angoon.

Newtown Report Offers Few Insights Into School Shooting

NPR News - Fri, 2013-12-27 15:04

The exhaustive compilation of evidence adds details to a summary released by authorities last month showing that shooter Adam Lanza had a fascination with guns and mass shootings.

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