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It Was 50 Years Ago Today: 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' Hit U.S.

Thu, 2013-12-26 08:51

Listen to a clip. We can almost guarantee it will raise a smile. I Want To Hold Your Hand is the song that kicked off Beatlemania in the U.S.

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American Kidnapped By Al-Qaida In Pakistan Seen In Video

Thu, 2013-12-26 07:45

Warren Weinstein, 72, was snatched from his home in Lahore, Pakistan, more than two years ago. In a video sent to news outlets by al-Qaida's media wing, Weinstein is heard appealing to President Obama to negotiate his release.

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Jobless Claims Fell Sharply Last Week

Thu, 2013-12-26 06:55

Economists caution against reading too much into the latest economic data. During the holidays, offices that collect the information aren't always open and that can delay some of their work.

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Greenpeace Activists Start Getting Visas To Leave Russia

Thu, 2013-12-26 06:15

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi approach, Russian officials are freeing some high-profile prisoners. Critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin say he's just trying to burnish his nation's reputation.

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Apologies, Promises From UPS And FedEx About Delivery Delays

Thu, 2013-12-26 04:45

A last-minute crush of online orders and some bad weather kept the companies from getting some packages delivered before Christmas, they say. Both have called in extra workers and are renting extra trucks to make deliveries on Thursday.

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Japan's Abe May Have Hoped To Anger Others With Shrine Visit

Thu, 2013-12-26 03:55

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid his respects Thursday at a Shinto shrine where war criminals are among those honored. China and South Korea protested. The U.S. expressed its disappointment. Analysts say Abe's nationalist agenda may be well served by the diplomatic dust-up.

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Pacific Northwest Suffers After China Bans Shellfish Imports

Thu, 2013-12-26 01:02

Earlier this month, China imposed a ban on shellfish imports from most of the U.S. West Coast after finding two bad clams. The move is hitting Washington state particularly hard. State agencies estimate businesses there are losing as much as $600,000 a week.

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Pacific Northwest Suffers After China Bans Shellfish Imports

Thu, 2013-12-26 01:02

Earlier this month, China imposed a ban on shellfish imports from most of the U.S. West Coast after finding two bad clams. The move is hitting Washington state particularly hard. State agencies estimate businesses there are losing as much as $600,000 a week.

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More People Have More To Eat, But It's Not All Good News

Thu, 2013-12-26 00:18

In 1965, a majority of the world survived on less than 2,000 calories a day per person. Now, 61 percent of people worldwide have access to 2,500 or more calories each day.

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Gun Control Lobby Takes Note Of Opposition's Success

Thu, 2013-12-26 00:17

Momentum to pass tighter gun laws surged after the shootings in Newtown, Conn., a year ago. But a provision to expand background checks failed in the Senate. In that loss, gun control activists say they learned some important lessons from those who lobbied against them.

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Japanese Prime Minister Visits Contentious War Shrine

Wed, 2013-12-25 21:23

The Yasukuni shrine honors 2.5 million war dead, including convicted war criminals. Visits to Yasukuni by Japanese politicians have long been a point of friction with China and South Korea, because of Japan's brutal aggression during World War II.

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Car Bomb Kills Dozens Near Church In Baghdad

Wed, 2013-12-25 14:14

The bomb went off during Christmas Mass at a church in the Dora neighborhood. Earlier, two bombs exploded at an outdoor market in a Christian neighborhood, killing 11. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but Iraq's Christian minority has often been targeted by al-Qaida and other insurgents.

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Snowstorm Leave Parts Of Midwest, Northeast And Canada Powerless

Wed, 2013-12-25 12:54

A snow and ice storm contributed to the deaths of 14 people and knocked out power from Michigan to Maine and into Canada. One utility is calling it the worst Christmas week outage in its history. Repairs are underway as more snow is forecast for the affected areas.

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NAFTA Opened Continent For Some Canadian Companies

Wed, 2013-12-25 12:04

A generation after Mexico, Canada and the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, cross-border business is flowing. Some Canadians were fearful of their southern neighbors, but Bombardier Aerospace, with plants now in the U.S. and Mexico, illustrates one way NAFTA changed business.

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In Christmas Message, Snowden Tells Britons 'Privacy Matters'

Wed, 2013-12-25 10:59

In a short addressed televised on Britain's Channel 4, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said, "A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all."

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Diabetes Gene Common In Latinos Has Ancient Roots

Wed, 2013-12-25 10:03

Scientists have found a gene that helps to explain why Mexicans are prone to Type 2 diabetes. The disease gene, like many others we humans carry, dates back to the time when humans and Neanderthals had sex thousands of years ago.

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Calif. Law To Help Domestic Abuse Victims Escape Violence

Wed, 2013-12-25 08:48

A new California law taking effect in 2014 will make it easier for abuse survivors to break their leases. Victims will no longer need to get a court order or police report and instead can give landlords a simple form as proof they have been abused.

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Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group

Wed, 2013-12-25 08:25

Members of the Brotherhood have waged near-daily protests since the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi in a military coup. The designation gives authorities more power in cracking down on the group.

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Pope's Christmas Wish: A Better World

Wed, 2013-12-25 07:25

In his first Christmas message since being elected pontiff in March, Pope Francis prayed for peace in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. He also spoke about everyday people, especially those struggling for a better life.

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U.S. Embassy In Kabul Hit By Indirect Fire

Wed, 2013-12-25 07:17

Officials are investigating after two rockets hit an open area at the embassy Wednesday morning. There were no injuries.

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