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Updated: 2 days 12 hours ago

Court In Turkey Orders Twitter Service Restored

Thu, 2014-04-03 07:29

The social media site was blocked in the runup to last Sunday's local elections, but the ban was deemed a breach of free expression and ordered reversed.

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'Hot' Oregon Blueberry Fight Prompts Farm Bill Changes

Thu, 2014-04-03 07:15

A dispute between Beaver State blueberry farmers and workers spurred Congress to change an obscure provision in a 1938 labor law. Some fear it will delay pickers' paychecks.

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Thousands Of Artifacts Seized At 91-Year-Old Indiana Man's Home

Thu, 2014-04-03 06:20

The collection of items has "immeasurable" cultural value, the FBI says. Some artifacts are Native American; others are Russian and Chinese. It's unclear how many were collected legally.

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Jobless Claims Rose Last Week

Thu, 2014-04-03 04:44

The uptick to 326,000 applications still kept claims near the lower end of a range they've been in for the past year or so. On Friday, the government will report on the March unemployment rate.

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Nearly Half Of Californians Who Used Exchange May Drop Coverage

Thu, 2014-04-03 04:41

Over the next year, many of the more than 1.2 million people who used the Covered California exchange to buy health insurance are expected to switch to job-based plans or Medicaid.

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Early Evidence: Fort Hood Gunman Showed No Warning Signs

Thu, 2014-04-03 04:02

The soldier who has been identified as the man who killed three people and wounded 16 before apparently taking his own life Wednesday was an Army truck driver who was being treated for depression.

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'Empathy Exams' Is A Virtuosic Manifesto Of Human Pain

Thu, 2014-04-03 03:03

Leslie Jamison's new book of essays, The Empathy Exams, combines the intellectual and the emotional to explore the humanizing effect of empathy. Heller McAlpin calls it a "soaring performance."

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'We Do Not Expect Any More Fatalities,' Doctor Says Of Fort Hood Victims

Thu, 2014-04-03 03:00

Also: Secretary of the Army says background checks on the soldier who killed at least three people and wounded 16 before taking his own life showed "no involvement with extremist organizations."

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First Test For College Hopefuls? Decoding Financial Aid Letters

Wed, 2014-04-02 23:38

You got in! But just how much money is that school offering you? Financial aid award letters can be confusing, so we've put together a sample letter — and translated it into plain English.

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NPR Poll: Obamacare More Popular Than President

Wed, 2014-04-02 23:38

After a horrendous October rollout, the ACA is viewed a little more favorably now. But the number of people who intensely oppose the law is 12 percentage points higher than those who strongly back it.

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Powerful Aftershock Hits Chilean Coast

Wed, 2014-04-02 20:11

A day after an 8.2-magnitude quake, the northern coast of Chile was struck by an aftershock that triggered a tsunami alert and caused a precautionary evacuation of low-lying areas.

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NASA Suspends Some Ties With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Wed, 2014-04-02 16:46

The two sides will continue to work together, however, in the operation of the International Space Station.

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U.S. Troubled By Iran's Choice Of 1979 Hostage-Taker For U.N. Post

Wed, 2014-04-02 15:11

Iran wants Hamid Aboutalebi as its new United Nations ambassador. He was among a group of Muslim students who 35 years ago seized American diplomats in Tehran.

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Campaign Finance Ruling Winners: The Political Pros

Wed, 2014-04-02 14:36

In practical terms, the Supreme Court ruling could mean more money flowing to political operatives and party committees.

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Shooting At Fort Hood Leaves 4 Dead, 16 Injured

Wed, 2014-04-02 14:27

The suspected shooter at the Texas Army post is Ivan Lopez, a Pentagon official tells NPR. Authorities say he was being evaluated for PTSD and treated for depression.

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Traders Defend High-Speed Systems Against Charges Of Rigging

Wed, 2014-04-02 13:51

Author Michael Lewis says high-frequency traders have figured out a way to game the system. Some of those traders say that while there are "bad actors," high-speed trading plays a legitimate role.

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Stop, Thief! When Colleagues Steal From The Office Fridge

Wed, 2014-04-02 13:50

Colleagues steal Greek yogurt and half-eaten oranges, and bosses help themselves to their employees' frozen dinner. Yes, fridge theft is apparently rampant in offices all over the world.

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Yanukovych: 'I Was Wrong' To Ask Russian Troops Into Crimea

Wed, 2014-04-02 13:00

The ousted Ukrainian president says Moscow's annexation of the Black Sea peninsula is "a major tragedy" and he hopes to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to return it.

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Run When You're 25 For A Sharper Brain When You're 45

Wed, 2014-04-02 12:14

Here's the latest bit of evidence that exercise keeps the brain fit. Much of the research has been in older people, but this study found that being fit in your 20s makes you sharper in middle age.

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Enforcing Prison Rape Elimination Standards Proves Tricky

Wed, 2014-04-02 12:13

Thirteen years in the making, the Prison Rape Elimination Act is starting to have an impact. Texas Gov. Rick Perry says it's "ill-conceived," but many other states are adopting the law's standards.

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